Thursday, September 20, 2012

lokon volcano eruption again 21-september-2012

lokon vocano eruption again 21 september 2013
guide jotje lala

and before another strong eruption 18 september 2012 on midnight but no w photos i havesen in the widow in my house in wailan tomohon nortsulawesi indonesia.
lokon volcano another eruption 21 september 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

indonesia lokon volcano eruption information

indonesia lokon volcano eruption information information.lokon volcano located in tomohon city northsulawesi indonesia.last eruption 15 september 2012.with lava.
so from july 2012 lokon volcano already 57 erupted 7 times folow by seismic volcanic[trembling] an others just directly or no singn.
this volcano not only reguler active volcano but reguler eruption volcano.
photo lokon eruption 15 september 2012.

indonesia soputan volcano eruption information

indonesia soputan volcano eruption information.
soputan volcano is located in minahasa north sulawesi indonesia
last eruption 26 agustus 2012.

indonesia karangetan volcano erupion information

indonesia karangetan volcano eruption information
karagetan volcano located in sitaro island-northsulawesi indonesia
last eruption
agustus 2012

indonesia awu volcano eruption information

indonesia awu volcano eruption information